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RedBacks™ Cushioned Slide In Advanced Protection Honey Comb Knee Pads - Set


REDBACKS™ cushioning technology was developed as a response to the appalling level of knee damage in the world. Despite the wide availability of kneepads workmen still suffered knee wear and injuries; in the UK alone the NHS conduct over 90,000 knee operations per year and doubling in the past 10 years. There was a need to invent a new kneepad and not just a throw away item.

• REDBACKS TM the only kneepad in the world to contain leaf-spring cushioning technology.
• Now over 20% lighter than the first generation product.
• A softer grade of TPE increasing comfort.
• Protects and cushions the knee for long-lasting comfort
• Leaf spring technology dissipates weight reducing point pressure on the knee
• Patented worldwide
• CE approved (CE5574 EN 14404-2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1)
• Significantly outperforms and outlasts all foam and gel kneepads stop cold and heat coming through to the knee.
• 100% recyclable
• Offers an all-round performance that no other kneepad for work trousers can compare with
• REDBACKS TM uses soft rubberised materials and returns 100% to it's original form
• Dry cleanable, washable, and waterproof with NO need to remove from trousers
• Curved to fit around the knee, placing the knee in the correct position to reduce pressure on the ankle
• REDBACKS TM have been laboratory tested at Staffordshire University and show the knee is immediately protected, reducing the chance of short and long-term damage to the knee joints. Ref: Prof N.Chocalingam.
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