Enviroment & Sustainability

There is always more & more to be done, at ShoeStation Direct we are making a conscious effort to reduce our negative impact on the environment and make more sustainable choices.

Renewable Energy

Our main energy source is solar, which generates approx 15,968 KW per year. Our solar panels generate electricity that powers our operations, and any surplus is passed into the National Grid. Generating 15,968KW is the equivalent CO2 offset of 61 trees, or 1.33tons of CO2 Emissions.

Packaging and plastics

With packaging materials, we simply use 100% Recycled LDPE Mailing Bags which are also recycleable and compostable. Recycled packaging requires much less energy and resources than virgin materials, and gives new life to materials that would otherwise be wasting away in the landfill.


We recycle all cardboard, and make a conscious effort to avoid recycleable materials ending up in general waste and landfill